We are always interested to recruit qualified and motivated graduate students

Organic Synthesis & Molecular Engineering

The pursuit of new concepts in organic synthesis and the application to diagnostics and therapeutics


We develop synthetic methodologies for functional organic molecules and utilize molecular programmed artificial self-assembly strategies through supramolecular or hydrogel chemistry.

The synthesized organic molecules independently possess various capabilities for molecular sensing or cellular signal modulation, and furthermore, when these molecules are combined with supramolecular or hydrogel chemistry, it is possible to develop convergence systems with enhanced sensing or actuating capabilities. Specifically, we explore a synthetic organic chemistry-based approach to create new chemical tools (e.g., small organic molecules, hydrogels, or supramolecular polymers) for cancer therapy, molecular sensing and cellular activity control to utilize them for diagnostic/therapeutic purposes.

The proposed research areas are strongly interlinked, which will create synergies among the three areas toward the development of new chemical technologies for the medical and pharmaceutical industries.


We are always interested to recruit qualified and motivated graduate students. Students with an interest in, but not limited to, organic chemistry, bioorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, nanoscience are encouraged to contact us. Please contact via email: dwyoo@snu.ac.kr


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